The Incredible Double Deuce Open Air Live
Music Stage

Double Deuce is a live music entertainment nightlife in Rhodes
Island Greece. It is located across famous Mira-Mare-hotel, a large venue with vast parking space for visitors who attend the place. Everyone is welcomed since their special offer also include free entrance and venues for the entire social event are available, hence anyone can inquire for reservation. Doors are typically opened at 7 p.m. and the live band kick off later at 9 p.m.


The hospitality offered in Double Deuce

Double Deuce bar serves best shelf drinks from friendly and
experienced staff that are always stand by to serve their clients top quality drinks. It is unbelievable to discover that there are no extra charges for drinks such as most luxury joints. Also, they also serve classic and house cocktail and also non-alcoholic beverages for children. Double Deuce suits all large group, all ages, and family. Also, the venues include TV screen for playing games as well as video clips. A chill our spot with pool table and the band Merchandise and free WI-FI are as well available.

Special Events

A private event such as bachelorette party can be well planned in Double Deuce. The place is super fun especially for folks who love country places. Surprisingly, there are extra spaces upstairs for exclusive parties. The premises consist of huge bars connected as one, in such that if one plays country jam, the other side plays hip hop and they comprise badass Bull. Watching folks riding Bulls is the same as watching a show, it is taken seriously and professionally.

Security and Safety in Double Deuce

The most fun fact is state of security on the Premises. Anyone who visits Double Deuce with his/her safety it taken with significant consideration. Hence, you can freely enjoy your night without worrying about your safety.